Happy New Year from Alexandra Ben Zakin Mor

 Lotus sitting on the water Beyond time and space This is your way This is your grace...

 /Sanatam Kaur

 My wish for you, for this coming year, is that you will find and follow your heart’s true passion and discover your unique way of relating to yourself, to others and to our one and only planet. We receive so much from Mother Nature. Her gifts take countless forms. It’s up to us to protect her and help her thrive.

These words may sound distant and inaccessible. You may wonder, “Who am I to bring about change on a global scale?” The truth is, we all play a role in building a better future. In fact, it begins with the choices we make every day; with each of us finding our purpose and mindfully pursuing it.

It starts with YOU and ME!

This coming year, I hope we all develop our awareness and become more mindful of the sublime sensations that belong to each moment, no matter how small. From sipping coffee out of a favorite mug, to experiencing a sunrise or watching the full moon emerge from the horizon. I wish for poetic words to touch our hearts deeply and come alive for us.

Happy Holidays, and happy New Year, from my heart to yours. Let’s toast to a more intentional, giving and mindful year ahead!

With love from NY,
Alexandra xxx

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