A Letter to My Younger Self



My parents met in the harbor town of Haifa, on the northern shore of Israel. They both loved the sea, and that was what had connected them. Summer. A year ago I discovered the identity of my biological father. And my half became a whole. Instantly. His name was Amram Ben-Zakin (December 1929–August 2012). I never got the chance to know him.

Above 1973, a one-year-old me on the same beach my parents met on. Left 1946, my dad at age 18 in Morocco, where he was born, before he left to go to Israel. CenteMy dad, 1967, with my mom (left), my aunt (right), and my cousin. Right The beach was where my dad spent most of his time. He never missed a day with out surfing  his SAP board.

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