'Women of the World. Raise Your Right Hand'

Image:  Lucy Hale as seen wearing  an Alexandra Mor Diamond Stud Jacket Earrings and a One-of-a-kind 23.45 Carat March birthstone Aquamarine & Diamond Right Hand Ring, as seen at the Feb '20 issue of 1883 Magazine. Styles by Kisana Sotelo

Imagine yourself

Or a woman in your life

Who is walking her true path,

And being authentic to who she is.

This Woman requires no introduction!

Like the clear color and powerful presence of an Aquamarine, the primary March birthstone is said to promote courage, communication and enhance clarity.  Gemstones have a social magic and are a gift of mother earth. You will find them deeply personal and  often will be associated with a memory or an experience.
March is also the month of International Women Day. I am excited and honored to share the inspiring stories of Women who have moved me with their wisdom, strength, and ability to make the world a better place. I promise, you will be inspired too. They are mothers and teachers, doctors and scientists, artists and speakers, investors and bankers. My dear May, Seisei, Alexandra, and Adey - you all bring so much depth and purpose to my work and life. Thank you for your partnership, for sharing your stories and for being inspiring leaders in the service of others.

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