Taksu| Alexandra Mor Tagua Seed collection and Bali journey

Every artist in Bali strives for TAKSU, a term that stands for charisma or divine performance energy. It is the moment when the artist surrenders to the form of their craft and inspiration appears. For Alexandra, discovering the Tagua during her time in Bali brought out her Taksu and has led her to pursue a more meaningful, spiritually connected, human and eco-conscious practice and embraced traditional Balinese heritage, working with local master goldsmiths and carvers to create the first haute-couture jewelry collection to feature the Tagua Seed. Alexandra collaborated with Photographer, Ken Kochey in making her Balinese journey and Tagua Seeds Collection into a beautiful visual story.

A botanical seed with physical characteristics nearly identical to elephant ivory, the Tagua Seed offers a real alternative to ivory. By raising awareness and introducing it to the world of luxury jewelry design, it will help preserve the elephant population which is on the brink of extinction as well as provide a sustainable mechanism to communities that maintain and harvest Tagua palms.

Over the past year, Alexandra embarked herself and the Alexandra Mor brand on a journey to embrace meaningful, spiritually connected, human and eco-conscious practices. Her newest collection exhibits the timeless luxury that defines my brand, and introduces sustainable materials and an exploration of the craftsmanship of indigenous cultures. This is part of her new expression and drive to help preserve and encourage deeper relationships with the natural world and honor the wisdom of old world cultures. An idea that later on lead to a partnership with Vogue Italia and their annual US Protagonists, providing an ideal platform to launch this campaign. Mor is intent with this collection is not to replace her Signature Collection or brand DNA, but rather using her voice to initiate conversations about sustainable and mindful luxury in the jewelry industry and inspire collectors, designers and retailers through her continued use of ethically sourced gemstones, and her use of Tagua Seed and make a serious impact on the demand of elephant ivory as well as show the potential of the Tagua seed as a luxury material.

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