Global Network Impact Bowery St. Members Dinner

Image: At the NYC Bowery St. March Top Tier Impact Dinner. Top Tier Impact (TTI) is the global membership community for investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who are focused on solving the critical issues of our time.

“ We Need to Change the Way We Treat Ourselves, Our communities and Our World. All of Us Have A Role To Play In This.”

- Alessandra Sollberger

Last week I was invited to a members only dinner by Top Tier impact, a group founded by Alessandra Sollberger , which brings together more than 100 members across 20 countries to oversee some of the leading impact funds and operate the most progressive companies. Many are based in London the group's main hub as well as New York, San Francisco, Berlin, and more location around the world.

The dinner was attended by professionals from all walks of life and business, with one mutual interest, doing good. I was a bit early and I had a chance to meet Sebastian Douieb ,  a finance professional in the energy industry and Chef Micha Fredman , who founded a company called ipsa provisions, that provides thoughtfully sourced and artisanal fine frozen foods. As more guests started to arrive, the energy quickly grew with lively conversations. The kind of diversity I experienced at this gathering was truly magnetizing. Just like the chef and the banker, I connected with people from all paths of life, different ages and backgrounds.

It was reassuring and inspiring meeting like-minded people with such varied experiences and learning how they are bettering our world. TTI’s mission is just that, to provide a social setting that brings together diverse people with the shared goal of making positive change in the world.

When we sat for dinner, I took a spot next to Jan Simon-Veicht , a curious German designer living in the Big Apple,  interested in emerging technologies and the use of design as a tool for social impact. After we all introduced ourselves we were asked to propose one single most impactful action or idea that would bring about the most needed change in the world. It was fascinating to hear the different and refreshing ideas each guest with a unique approach to help solve our world’s problems. We discussed trends and opportunities in impact investment and the partnerships that are available. It felt so right!  From health to education, product design, fashion, food and alternative/ green energy, community building and developing countries, it was all there. I left the dinner wishing that every social and business meet-up, whether it be a government or a brand, be able to hold that kind of open-minded spirit and diversity. At least as a start…

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