Back to School M.S In Impact Investing

About Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) : Founded by Glasgow Caledonian University, the University for the Common Good, Glasgow Caledonian New York College  leverages 143 years of academic excellence to bring a distinctly global perspective to degree programs focused on profitable sustainability. GCNYC vision by 2025, is to become a premier, unique institution, serving the Common Good through education and research in profitability and sustainability for social benefit.

" I have decided to use my voice to lead and inspire the fine-jewelry industry to  take the necessary steps to care for our planet and its people through grace and education. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do; what matters is that what we  choose will make a difference.”  – Alexandra Mor

In recent years, my work has become an expression of my higher purpose, which inspires me to use the culmination of my experiences, talent and brand’s platform to inspire collectors, retailers, press and fellow jewelry designers with ideas and initiatives that empower and effect positive change.  I have observed many expressing an interest in the need for change but often don’t know where to start.

The fine jewelry designer industry needs stronger guidelines and value-based leadership in the area of sustainability if we are to go from aspiring to be sustainable to actually practicing sustainability.  Raising our standards of transparency, design, and production ,  as well as supporting local craft and cultural heritages around the globe, are all integral.

In January of 2020, I began my Masters in Impact-Focused Business and Investing at Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC). The core mission of this program aligns with the goals of my business and for vision of contributing to the larger community as an industry leader. I have found that despite creating beautiful designs, inspiring marketing, and branding campaigns, there are many in my industry who still equate sustainability with being unprofitable. My goal is to forge a path from a community based perspective that reimagines our way of doing business which accounts for the needs of our planet and our humanity

One particularly interesting aspect of the GCNYC’s mission is the practice of creative and critical thinking tos olve social issues. One of my instructors is Seisei Tatebe-Goddu , an inspiring activist and entrepreneur,  who has worked with companies across the Middle East, East Africa, and Europe.

Image: Glasgow Caledonian New York College  (GCNYC) Wooster St. SoHo

In her course “Navigating Global Change: Business Practices for the Common Good", students learn about world events (from climate change to coronavirus!), their causes, approaching problems through systems-thinking, economics, and design thinking lenses, and how to tell stories and debate in ways that inspire action.  

Image“Navigating Global Change: Business Practices for the Common Good" Seisei Tatebe-Goddu GCNYC instructor is an inspiring activist and an entrepreneur,  who has worked with companies across the Middle East, East Africa, and Europe. 

Since starting my program I have expanded my understanding on what it means to become sustainable, and the connection not only for me as a person, but my work's impact on the world of politics, society and the environment around me. This goes beyond the materials I choose for my signature collections and everyday operations. As a mother and a business owner, who considers herself to be educated about sustainability in business,  I realized I was just scratching the surface.  In order to truly become leaders, we need to immerse ourselves in the topic , and sustainability is of course no exception.


I am very excited about my educational journey with GCNYC and the invaluable insight and tools it will give me to move the world forward. I still have a lot to learn and promise to share with you more along the way. (*For more information about the program click HERE )

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